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Save iPhone battery life in 10 steps

Save iPhone battery

Save iPhone battery

In this article we will see some tips to save iPhone battery and make the most out of a single charge. Battery drain is a major problem of smartphones, especially after some years of intense use. However, there are some practices which help to deal with short iPhone battery life.

Ten easy steps to save iPhone battery

Here are the most important things you can do to save iPhone battery:

1. Look for battery draining apps

You can check which apps consume more energy in Settings>Battery. You can then chose to see the statistics for the last 24 hours or 7 days. If you tap on the clock you can also see the time of on screen usage and background activity of each app.
iPhone battery consumption

2. Connections

Low cell signal

When the cellular signal is low or intermittent the battery consumption can be huge. Indeed, your iPhone continuously tries to connect to the network, which requires a lot of energy.
If you are indoors where there is little or no signal, you may want to turn Airplane Mode on to cut down a lot the power consumption.


Wi-Fi consumes less energy than cellular, so keep it on to save iPhone battery! If you are going to be away from any Wi-Fi hotspot you can disable it so that the smartphone stops trying to pick up Wi-Fi networks. However, remember to turn it back on when you need it!
The same for bluetooth, if you don’t need it often, you can turn it off (although BT standby consumption is very low).

3. Low power mode

When you want to maximize the duration of your charge, you can activate the Low Power Mode (Settings>Battery>Low Power Mode). It will optimize your smartphone to consume less energy with some minor performance worsening.

4. Temperature

Temperature plays a crucial role in your iPhone battery life. You should avoid phone overheating, which is particularly easy when the phone is charging and used at the same time or under hot sun at noon. Indeed, high temperatures are really bad for the battery and the phone will turn off automatically if a certain temperature is exceeded. For more information visit this Apple official page.

You should also avoid very low temperatures, which would quickly cause the battery to run out. In cold climates, always keep the iPhone close to your body and warm (e.g. in the inside pocket of your jacket).

The optimal working temperature range for an iPhone is 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C).

5. Display

I suggest you to keep the display Auto-Brightness function on, as this will prevent unnecessary brightness in dark environment, preserving the battery and resulting in a more comfortable experience. Keep in mind that the brighter the display, the more battery it will drain, so if you are worried about running out of charge, you can use a darker display.

To set display brightness you can just swipe form the bottom of the screen and use the cursor; to set the Auto-Brightness function tap Settings>Display & Brightness. Even with the Auto-Brightness function active, you can override the automatic level using the cursor and it will keep adapting shifted according to your preference.

6. Update software

Some software updates remove energy wasting bugs and improve efficiency, which will make your iPhone battery last longer. This is true both for system and apps updates and you should keep your software up to date to save iPhone battery.iPhone iOS update

7. Notifications

Another way to save iPhone battery is to turn off those notifications you don’t really need. Simply go to Settings>Notifications then select an app and chose move the Allow Notifications toggle to enable or disable notifications.

8. Background App Refresh

Your iPhone is set by default to automatically update some apps in the background so that they are ready when you open them. Of course this causes some battery drain, so you may want to disable it for some or all of your apps. In Settings>General>Background App Refresh you can personalize which apps should refresh in background.

9. Location ServicesCompass

Also location services can be active in background and shorten your phone battery life. Some can be usually turned off, especially some system services such as Location-Based iAds, Frequent Locations and Diagnostic & Usage. To do it go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services. You can see a small arrow next to each app, which indicates if the location is now used (solid purple), has been in the last 24 hours (solid grey) or uses a geofence (purple outline).

10. Visual effects

To save some more battery you can disable a few visual effects, such as the parallax effect. You can find these settings in Settings>General>Accessibility. To disable the visual effects, activate the Reduce Motion option. This will disable the parallax effect, the screen transition will use dissolve effect instead of zoom or slide and animations in some apps will be disabled (e.g. in Weather app).

And here are some tips from official Apple website.

We hope this article will help you to save iPhone battery! If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below and we will be happy to reply. 🙂 Also be sure to check out our pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+!


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